Some of Your Questions

  • How can I start lending in Bitcoin Auto? I am new to this system.
  • How can I deposit Bitcoin in Bitcoin Auto?
  • I have transferred bitcoins, but it is still not showing in the transaction history.
  • I have deposited Bitcoins, but it is still showing pending in the transaction history.
  • How can I withdraw my bonus in BTC?
  • I have purchased XBTA but did not receive the total amount of XBTA that I ordered.
  • I am new to trading; I don't know how to buy XBTA through Bitcoin Auto Exchange.
  • Can I change my email, sponsor or username?
  • I have transferred by XBTA to internal wallet, but still not received.
  • I have transferred Bitcoin, it shows pending in my account.
  • I am trying to add a new account, but OTP says invalid.
To start, you need to have Bitcoin in any of your local exchange wallets. Once you have Bitcoin in your local exchange, click on DEPOSIT BITCOIN. There you can see your BTC ADDRESS. Copy and paste or scan the QR code and send BTC to that address. Once you received your Bitcoin, you can convert your Bitcoins into XBTA through the Bitcoin Auto Exchange. You will receive your XBTA and from there you can purchase the package by clicking on LENDING BITCOIN AUTO. Select your desired package and enter the value and accept the terms and conditions and then click submit. Now you will receive daily Volatility software interest and you can see the same in your dashboard.
For depositing Bitcoin: click on DEPOSIT BTC. There you can see in the popup window your BTC address with QR code. You can deposit using that. Once you have done that, you can go to your transactions in "Transactions".
Sometimes it may take time depending on blockchain confirmation time, but you will definitely receive the record in transaction history under "Received BTC Transactions".
Minimum confirmation time as per blockchain is 3 confirmations and maximum confirmation is 7 confirmations.
You can withdraw your Bonus by clicking on Transfer under Bonus Wallet and from there enter "Amount in Dollars" and then click on TRANSFER FROM LENDING WALLET. You will receive XBTA in your Bitcoin Auto Wallet. You can convert your XBTA to BTC through the exchange. From the exchange, you will sell XBTA to get BTC. Once you receive your BTC, you can withdraw your BTC by going through "WITHDRAW BTC".
You need to check "SELL ORDER LIST" and then see the XBTA. If it is less than your order, it goes to "My Active Order Lists". If you see any record in "My active order lists", you can cancel it or you need to wait until someone places an order in the selling list. If you cancel it, you will get your remaining BTC in your BTC wallet, from there you can buy again.
You can either go through trading or you can put your required amount of XBTA in "BUY XBTA" section. Make sure the units that you are entering are the same as or more than the actual bid.
No, these three sections cannot be modified.
99.9% time, it is transferred instantly, but in case you have not received, you need to write to us at
You need to raise a ticket at, add your username, BTC amount you transferred, wallet from where you have transferred to, sender address, receiver address or transaction ID.
Refresh your page and try to add your account again.