How to Register?: A Quick Guide

Fill in all required fields and click Register Me.
You will receive an email with an One Time Password (OTP) in your registered email.

Please check your email, you will receive an OTP. If you do not see it in your Inbox, please check your spam folder.

OTP box will appear once you will click “OK” in the Popup.
Key in the OTP and click Verify OTP

Check both your Inbox and Spam folder for the OTP. Please allow 2 minutes for the email to arrive.

In OTP box, enter the OTP and click on VERIFY OTP. You will receive successfully registered message in popup.

How to Deposit BTC?

Step 1:
Login to your control panel & here you can see option: DEPOSIT BTC. Click on DEPOSIT BTC button.

Step 2:
You can see your QR code and BTC address in popup, and now you can deposit BTC in the address displayed on your control panel.

Step 3:
After making deposit, you can see your transactions in "Receive BTC Transactions".

Step 4:
After 3 confirmations, you can see your Bitcoins in BTC Wallet.

How to buy XBTA?

Step 1:
Now, if you have BTC and you want to lend, you need to buy XBTA using BTC. Go to Exchange tab and in BUY XBTA, put units of XBTA you want to buy. You can buy using entire BTC or you can buy by checking the price of the lending package in terms of XBTA by clicking on "LENDING".

Click on top Price in Sell orders, and then the price will come automatically in the BID field. You can edit the "Units" and put quantity of coins you want to buy. Make sure you have sufficient funds to execute the trade.

Once you have confirmed the Units and Bid, click Buy XBTA Coin. A confirmation will pop up. Click on the OK and you will get XBTA in your wallet.

Step 4:
Once you receive your XBTA, it will show in your Bitcoin Auto wallet.

How to do Lending?

There are two ways to do LENDING You can either:-
Option A: Deposit XBTA or,
Option B: Deposit BTC

Step 1:
Check the quantity of XBTA you want for what package, simply put the amount in $ and check the XBTA amount on today's price.

Step 2:
Purchase Lending Package by click on "Lend Bitcoin Auto", and enter Value and click on "Pay from Bitcoin Auto Wallet".

Step 3:
Click on OK and your package will be accepted and start to earn daily interest.

Step 4:
You can see your transaction history in dashboard.

How to Withdraw Lending Bonus?

Step 1:
In order to withdraw Bonus, you need to check your Lending wallet and current Price of XBTA, you need to click on "TRANSFER" in Bonus Wallet section, A popup will appear and enter value you want to withdraw,then click on "Transfer from Lending Wallet". It will be converted into XBTA and you can see XBTA in your Bitcoin Auto Wallet.

How to convert XBTA to BTC?: Bitcoin Auto Exchange

Step 1:
Click on Exchange [XBTA/BTC] in the menu section, you will see XBTA-BTC Exchange with live graph and buy/sell price.

Step 2:
Then you need to check the selling price of XBTA on BUY ORDER LIST,

Step 3:
Enter Value in Units, It will display total amount of BTC you will receive, then click on Sell XBTA coin. You will receive the BTC in your BTC wallet.

How to withdraw BTC?

Step 1:
Go to Withdraw BTC, Enter Receiver BTC address, Enter Units of BTC, It will display you actual BTC you will receive after transaction fees. Then click on Withdraw BTC.

Step 2:
Once you confirm your withdrawal, you will receive an email for further confirmation, click on Confirm to confirm the email, it will be like this.

Step 3:
After email confirmation, you can check your transaction either in dashboard on in blockchain by clicking the respective links.

Step 4:
you can go to Transaction history inside control panel and can check WITHDRAW BTC TRANSACTIONS